Bring Easy Mobility

To Your Surveyors

& Claims Adjusters

Instantly Push Survey Requests

into the hands of Surveyors / Adjusters within Seconds, with related documents.

Instant Two-Way Data Exchange

receive quick assessments, photos & notes, right from the survey site. Chat included in app

Imagine mass CAT Survey assignments

done instantly, not only a very short Handling Time, but great Cost Savings.

Can be API Integrated to 3rd party systems

with your own Claims system or use stand alone with an accompanying Web Portal.

AdjusterMate – A cloud based mobile app for Adjusters -internal or independent field

Surveyors and Adjusters instantly receive requests with documentation, process Surveys and upload data, photos and quick assessments instantly back to home office.

Instantly Push Survey Requests To the App

Assign and push claims info, claimant info and Documents instantly to the Smart Phones or Tablets of your field Adjusters / Surveyors.

Record Survey Data right on the Field with the App

Adjusters / Surveyors can take photos, make videos, dictate notes, chat with home office, fill out quick assessments and instantly send data back to the home office.

Integrate AdjusterMate App to Your Claims/Policy System

You can easily create a real time interface to your Company’s systems thru API’s. You can also use AdjusterMate stand alone with our desktop Web Application

Unique and Compelling App Features

Surveyors and adjusters

From The Promoters Of Simplesolve

Antony and Sam, promoters of Simplesolve, with several decades of experience in developing enterprise level Insurance Administration systems that takes advantage of disruptive technologies, found an underserved need to bring mobility to field surveyors and adjusters engaged in New Business and Claims related surveys.

In today’s world of technology options, many insurance companies still mail or email documents to field surveyors and adjusters or expect them to get required information from an application. Many of them get to a computer at the start or end of the day. For true mobility, a surveyor or adjuster should be able to get information and documents related to the survey instantly on their phone. AdjusterMate was designed and developed to bring true mobility to the survey process. Companies can not only send a survey request with supporting information, but also instantly receive notes and photos back from the Surveyor.

See adjustermate in action

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